November 17, 2016

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Let’s be honest, most of you probably landed on this page because I’m giving away a free television, right? Well there’s nothing wrong with that!  🙂 But while you are here, please take a minute to read this short post. I bet you will be surprised by what you find. Many people think that spring is […]

Tall Pines is an established neighborhood tucked away just off 319 south. This neighborhood has an abundance of trees that make it ideal for someone who wants to live in a neighborhood but also values privacy. The streets wind around the neighborhood providing a perfect place for walking or riding bikes.   Brookwood School is […]

August 23, 2016

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Today I met Suzanne Finger for lunch in a garden… Okay, not really. But I was enjoying our conversation so much that I forgot to take a picture so I had to snag one from her website. We really had lunch at the Scoop where I enjoyed a grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup. So […]

July 11, 2016

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June 15, 2016

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For my first “Lunch with Locals” post I called Lori Rawlings and asked her to join me at Liam’s. I met Lori through work several months ago and right away I liked her as a friend also. She is an all around nice person who is fun to hang out with. You probably know her […]

A Place in the Woods is a beautiful, established neighborhood tucked away in a convenient southside location (just off Metcalf Road) that is just a little over 3 miles to downtown Thomasville and also convenient to Tallahassee. It is one of our very favorite subdivisions – a great place to go for a run. The winding roads, […]

June 7, 2016

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I’ve been known to try a few ideas from pinterest, and many of them are a massive fail. I don’t have any photos of my fails, but you can visit (Where Good Intentions Come to Die) for a good laugh. But every once in a while I hit a home run and actually succeed. […]

June 6, 2016

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May 23, 2016

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This beautiful home is just under 3000 sf, 4 bedrooms, has 1930s charm, the perfect amount of remodeling and is listed at $180,000. It’s in a cute, little town (Barwick) and only about a 20 minute drive to Thomasville or Quitman. This will go fast! Front porch swings included. You can see more photos and get […]

As a seller’s agent, you can rest assured that my time, energy, creativity, marketing, and sales savvy are focused on one goal…selling your home at the price you want and in the time you need it sold. So start packing and get ready for your next adventure because, together, we’ve got this covered! Any questions? […]

May 20, 2016

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