Rustic Wood Shelves

I’ve been known to try a few ideas from pinterest, and many of them are a massive fail. I don’t have any photos of my fails, but you can visit (Where Good Intentions Come to Die) for a good laugh.

But every once in a while I hit a home run and actually succeed.

Our house was built in 1940, so it was time for some new cabinets and countertops when we bought it. So I made these wood countertops.

Just kidding. They came from J. Aaron in Atlanta.


I wanted to carry a little bit of the rustic wood around the house, so I turned to pinterest and found some barn wood shelves that I wanted to replicate.


The shelves were pretty easy to  make. I found the brackets at Lowes, stained them brown, painted them, and then sanded them to show some of the stain. The shelf was cut from a longer piece of distressed wood that had been torn out of our house at some  point when they were remodeling. I stained the wood and voila…pinterest success. If you want to stain shelves your self (for a rustic look) simply brew some tea and put it on. It stains quickly so be sure you have enough tea and apply liberally.


The next time I have a massive pinterest fail I’ll have to post that here too because I think they are much more entertaining. Have you had any successful pinterest projects or funny failures?








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