Suzanne Finger: Lunch with Locals

Today I met Suzanne Finger for lunch in a garden…


Okay, not really. But I was enjoying our conversation so much that I forgot to take a picture so I had to snag one from her website. We really had lunch at the Scoop where I enjoyed a grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup. So close your eyes and imagine a photo of Suzanne with a scoop of chicken salad on a plate. that is what you should be seeing here.  🙂

Suzanne and her husband own One Pineapple Lane where they will help you get the curb appeal you have always wanted. You simply send them a photo of the elevation of which you would like a design. Elevation is fancy talk for “any side of the building” – I learned this watching Bill Nye the Science Guy: Architecture with my son last week.  🙂   Suzanne and her husband will create an image for you that contains their ideas.  The best part is that this service is very affordable, and you can do the work yourself if you desire to do so. Their website explains what they do much better than I can, so be sure to check it out. I’m so excited to be able to share this service with my clients.

I know  you would like to see a little sneak peek of what they do, so here is one example of their work:


Amazing, right? That’s because they are not just designers, they are licensed professionals. Suzanne is a licensed Landscape Architect, and her husband has a Master’s Degree in Architecture. Be sure to visit their website to see more examples.

Suzanne grew up in Grady County, went to UGA, and ended up traveling around doing landscape design work for big universities and such. Thankfully she decided to settle here.

While having lunch I discovered that Suzanne and I have a few things in common: 1) We are both redheads,. 2) we grew up in the country, 3) our fathers were farmers, and 4) we both grew up coming “to town” to shop at Neel’s for our Sunday dresses. How many of you Thomasville folks remember shopping at Neel’s?

I also learned that Suzanne has two children, has remodeled (for their personal, residential use) two houses in Thomasville, and she is not afraid to go down those HUGE, blue water slides that you can rent for parties.

If you are ready for a little change (or a big change) give Suzanne a call and let her work her magic.

One Pineapple Lane
229-200-9444 (office)
229-221-7477 (cell)

Suzanne can help you with your residential and commercial needs.

You can find information on their architecture firm here:

Raymond C. Finger Architects, LLC.
316 Clermont Drive
Thomasville, Georgia 31792
Tel:  (229)551-9846


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